B44 are recycling but the Council isn’t collecting

Walking around the area, nearly every house you pass has outside of it full recycling boxes that have still not been collected for some time. All residents will be aware that there has been an industial dispute taking place between the bin men and Birmingham City Council but this situation has now esculated out of control. Surely it is time for Birmingham City Council and all relevant parties to get round the table and resolve there differences, ensuring that the collecting of recycling boxes is an urgent priorty!

If there is some good to come out of this situation is that seeing all these full recyling boxes outside homes that the residents of B44 are recyling. The danger is that with this dispute that people will be put off from recyling in the future.

We can only applaud and encourage everyone who is recyling in the area and ask that the authorities match this level of commitment.

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One Response to B44 are recycling but the Council isn’t collecting

  1. Ronald Wigan says:

    It’s high time our recycling was collected. Collection is imperative to a clean and hygenic community. I enjoy walking the streets of B44 and it’s high time I had fresh air and no visual pollution. The sooner a labour government comes back in power, the sooner my plastic will be used again.

    Ronald, B44

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