B44 Businesses: YEP Media

A new feature for ‘The B44; Blog is ‘B44 Businesses’, which aims to promote businesses in the area and prove that the area has business talent and flair. We are particularly interested in hearing from start ups. Please do get in touch if you’d like to feature. To kick this feature off we have YEP Media.

YEP Media is a creative communications agency specialising in Branding, digital PR and Events Management promotional strategies for businesses in the public and creative sectors as well as businesses or organisations that need to reach an audience of 18 to 30 year olds. The word YEP is an acronym for ‘Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering’ and aims to build its brand and reputation around these words. You may think B44 is a strange postcode for such a business given that Kingstanding is primarily a residential area and these type of agencies are generally based closer to the city centre and within the creative business communities but YEP Media is indeed rooted in Kingstanding.

YEP Media was founded in November 2010 as a limited by Daniel J. Blyden, long standing resident of B44 and a recent graduate from Birmingham City University. Working alongside his two co-founders and colleagues, Samantha Thodhlana and Shantel Kadir, he made the decision to start the company in response to the limited opportunities on the job market and in spite of the difficulties of the economic downturn. Daniel explained “Starting a creative business is something I realised I really wanted to do when I planned and managed my first music event in my first year of uni, it was a great success and inspired me to cultivate my entrepreneurial traits.

This aspiration and determination has enable YEP media to secure contract work from Birmingham City Council and they are currently working on a project called ‘Say It Online’ aimed at engaging families in arts and cultural activities and digital media, in particular, families who would not ordinarily be interested or cannot usually afford to attend. The project will see children/young people and their parents or guardians attend arts events in the city and be trained in how to use digital media to express their experiences. “We are very proud to have been selected to deliver the ‘Say It Online’ project as part the Hello Digital campaign and we are looking forward to working with individuals who would like to participate” states Samantha Thodhlana, PR & Communications Director.

When asked about his long term goals and ambitions, Daniel explained, “since the incorporation of YEP Media we are working towards creating sustainable employment in the creative sector for ourselves and other creative young people.” YEP Media are open to work with any businesses in need of branding, rebranding or PR or publicity support and anyone interested in the Say It Online project.

If you are interested to get involved with the Say It Online project, attending some of Birmingham’s most interesting and exciting arts events free of charge while learning new skills, contact the team on info@yepmedia.co.uk for more information. Information is also available through their website http://www.yepmedia.co.uk.

Twitter info: @danielyep @shantelyep @samanthayep

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