Kingstanding School Becomes a UNICEF Ambassador

Fantastic news was released today by Birmingham City Council Newsroom that Oscott Manor School based on Old Oscott Hill has become the first special needs school in the West Midlands to become a UNICEF ambassador. Well done to all concerned. Full Story below:

UNICEF has made Oscott Manor School an ambassador school for their organisation. The secondary school in Kingstanding will be the first Special School in the West Midlands to be awarded the honour of the prestigious level 2 “Rights and Respecting” Award by UNICEF.

Oscott Manor School were acknowledged for their innovative and ground breaking practices by UNICEF after embarking on the journey for this award in 2007. The school has rooted the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into the policies, planning, practices as well as ethos, values and curriculum of the school. The Ambassador status has allowed for the school to create links with a partner school in Zimbabwe, hosting visits and building on the foundations of their practices.

Les Lawrence a Cabinet member for Children, Young People and Families has praised the efforts of the school having said: “The interaction between pupils and teachers as well as amongst the pupils themselves is very positive as they recognise the rights and responsibilities of one another which is creating a highly inspiring environment for the children to think, learn and grow in.”

The annual ‘Rights and Respecting Awareness’ day is a further example of how the school are increasing ways to not only educate their own pupils but also partner schools, by inviting them to join in on the activities they set up for the children. Having the opportunity to participate in such activities as making meals out of basic ingredients or carrying heavy water containers across set routes allows the pupils to experience and understand what they have learnt empowering them as a whole to share their knowledge with others.

Within the classrooms the children learn to differentiate between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and are taught that with rights come responsibilities. The teachers help the children to develop charters for behaviour in the classroom and school environment. The journey to an Ambassador status has seen the school develop a school council and make their pupils aware of the diversity and cultural experiences the world has to offer, all the while keeping the children the focal point in the learning.

Oscott Manor School
Old Oscott Hill, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 9SP
(formerly Kingstanding School)

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