Kingstanding CAB to close? *UPDATED 26/01*

Yesterday came the sad announcement that Kingstanding Citizens Advice Bureaux will close its ‘open doors’ service on February 11th unless immediate funding is secured asap due to a withdrawal of £600,000 worth of Birmingham City Council money (more information here)

Kingstanding CAB offers a free, confidential, impartial and independent ‘first come first serve’ ‘drop in service’ for local residents on issues such as; housing, debt and welfare. Its closure would be of great loss to residents most in need in the B44 area.

Local Kingstanding Conservative campaigner, Gary Sambrook, has announced that he will be campaigning against the closure of the Kingstanding CAB shop due to Council funding cuts.

Gary Sambrook, a life-long Kingstanding resident, said, “The CAB service is a vital resource for any resident who is finding it difficult to find advice, support or representation on issues such as finance, court cases or health. If this service was to go, it would leave many more vulnerable residents without the chance of real professional, independent and impartial support, leaving a gaping hole in this service provision.”.

Mr Sambrook also added, “This issue is above party politics, the interest of residents is more important to me than any political party. This is about a real service which helps real residents with real problems. I know, from personal experience, how useful this service is to residents in the Kingstanding area, and losing it will be catastrophic. I urge everyone to support this campaign, and especially to join the campaigns Facebook group.”.

Oscott Labour councillors have also supported the need to save the CAB (mentioned here on Keith Linnecor’s Blog)

A Facebook page has been set up titled ‘Save Birmingham CAB’s free, independent, impartial legal advice

Kingstanding CAB
Kingstanding Road
Birmingham B44 8LD

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