brmb Banter Posters

As you may have seen throughout the City brmb is displaying what it calls banter posters in attempt to promote the radio station itself and the areas of Brum in a ‘light hearted way’ which I think is quite a good idea if not taken too seriously.

There has already been a poster for Great Barr done (shown above) but after asking brmb today via Twitter if there were plans for any more they said yes, but later in the year, and that Kingstanding and Oscott may be considered in the future.

@TheB44 not at the moment! There will be a new batch later in the year, so keep a look out. We have not decided yet what they shall say!

So just for fun what do you reckon a poster for B44 area should say? You never know brmb may use it….

Here’s my lame attempt…

I can’t see no King-Standing around here….

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