Birmingham City Council Budget and The B44

Oscott Councillor Keith Linnecor (Labour) has blogged about the potential threat of closure to the two libraries in the B44 area (Perry Common and Kingstanding). This has come about due to the Council budget which is currently being debated and finalised at City Council level. Keith says,

Sadly the 2 libraries in Oscott are still under threat of closure due to draconian buget cuts in funding by the Coalition City Council.
Constituencies like Perry Barr (which Oscott is in) are being forced to make deeper and deeper cuts due to the Councils policies.
Both Kingstanding and Perry common Library have already had to reduce their opening day by one recently and now we are all dreading Council funding announcements in April.
Both Councillor Barbara Dring will be fighting for Oscott Libraries to be saved. I would also support other Labour and yes Liberal Councillors in the constituency who want to keep libraries open. I think on this isue we are as one?

However it must be said at this point that nothing is certain as details are still sketchy and in the Council’s defence, more than £3.5billion will be spent on providing services for the people of Birmingham, as outlined in the city council’s budget, due before Cabinet on (Monday) February 14.

Also to help citizens in the current challenging times, it is proposed the council’s share of Council Tax for 2011/12 will be frozen at this year’s level.

Watch the the video below for more information.

Further details can be found here.

The B44 will follow developments closely regarding the Council budget and its impact on the B44 area, in particular the futures of the libraries, neighbourhood office and leisure centres.

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