Interested In Making B44 More Sustainable?

In just under two weeks time (on Saturday February 26th 9.30am to 1.30pm) a special conference has been arranged by the Chamberlain Forum on ‘Discovering eco neighbourhoods’ to be held at Moseley Exchange ( in Moseley. The purpose of this conference is to inspire, enable and support (on an ongoing basis) community activists around Birmingham to get involved in the sustainability/climate change agenda.

It is free and lunch is included.

They are particularly interested in engaging with people from the North of Birmingham including the B44 area.

I think everyone would agree that when local people and groups take the lead under a local banner then the potential for success is much greater, as they not only grasp the wider issues, but convey and act on them in a way that doesn’t alienate the people they live with.

So if you have a passion for sustainability issues (or know someone that does) and have a desire to see them applied to the B44 area then please take the opportunity to do so.

If interested please contact Claire Spencer Project Worker at the Chamberlain Forum.

The Chamberlain Forum is a neighbourhood think-and-do tank ( They are inspired by the experience of neighbourhoods like Balsall Heath and Castle Vale where years of neglect have been turned around through community leadership.

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