Kingstanding CAB to Stay Open

This week saw the news that the Kingstanding Citizens Advice Bureau (and four other across the city) will remain open for the time being, after plans to withdraw funding by Birmingham City Council would have seen the office close, losing the much used and valued walk in advice that is on offer. What needs to happen now is a new ‘long term’ sustainable funding system needs to negotiated and put in place, otherwise come August when the next funding decision is due the Kingstanding CAB may be in the same fight to stay open.

To look book at the previous story regarding its closer please click here, and to read the latest in this weeks Birmingham Post article click here.

The Kingstanding CAB can be found at below:

Kingstanding Road
Birmingham B44 8LD

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One Response to Kingstanding CAB to Stay Open

  1. ianrobo says:

    excellent news and shows when pressure can be put on it can work and this has to be done on every level, do we have the spirit to do it ?

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