Still NO News on Great Barr Observer

The B44 has still not heard back from The Great Barr Observer team on potential free pick up venues for local residents to collect copies to read. This came about after the management of the paper decided to stop delivering to certain parts of the B44 area. The B44 would like to strongly urge the senior management team in charge of the paper to quickly come to a solution to this situation as a local paper is a vital part of any local community such as ours.

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3 Responses to Still NO News on Great Barr Observer

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  2. Gary Sambrook says:

    Do we know what part of B44? They certainly haven’t delivered to any of the Kingstanding ward in a while.

    • ljrm1 says:

      This is what they told me when I asked.

      The Great Barr Observer is still published, but I am afraid we do not go to all areas of Great Barr.
      I will look at places we can drop the paper for Free pick up if possible. I will forward that list to you once finalised.

      I have asked again since as this was like a month ago but still no reply.

      I only originally knew because my younger brother delivered a round and he got ‘laid off’ at Xmas. His round was spread over KS and Oscott Ward though.

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