Celebrate the Royal Wedding With a Street Party in B44

With the nation gearing up to celebrate April’s Royal Wedding, Birmingham City Council has today outlined the process for anyone wishing to hold a ‘street party’ to mark the occasion.

As staging a street party usually involves having to close the road on which it is being held, and therefore entry/access along it, party organisers need to obtain permission from the city council for a road closure to be put in place.

Rather than processing all closures individually the Council plans to grant one overall Traffic Order which covers all approved closures across the city thereby minimising costs and administration. The Council will be doing this on April 1, so anyone interested in staging an event needs to get in touch with the authority as soon as possible.

Cllr Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Regeneration, said: “The Royal Wedding should be a fantastic day when communities, neighbours and the whole country comes together to celebrate this momentous occasion.

“We are making every effort to make the process of staging a street party as easy to understand as possible and would therefore urge anyone interested in running such an event to contact us as soon as possible.”

Before applying for a closure anyone wishing to organise a party is advised to contact the Council informally in the first instance for specific advice on the suitability and likely outcome of their individual plans.

Officers will at this stage be able to advise if an application is unlikely to succeed for any reason, for example a road being on a bus route, providing access to key public/business premises or being a through route.

Before making a formal application all organisers must be able to prove they have arranged suitable public liability insurance to cover the event.

The cost of the closure will vary depending on the scale of work involved in processing and implementing specific closures. However engineers based in Constituency Offices will be able to advise on this at the informal enquiry stage.

For more information contact your local constituency office, or the Council’s customer contact centre on 0121 303 1111


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