Said It Online Awards

On Thursday the 24th March I attended the YEP Media’s (who have links to the B44 area) spectacular ‘Said it Online’ awards event at The Studio in Birmingham following the success of the ‘Say it Online’ initiative.

The ‘Said it Online’ awards event was a diverse mixture of live performances from the spine tingling Nathan Henry with his version of John Legend’s “Heaven” to Stefan Davis’s heartfelt monologue, as well as a show and tell for the project and videos to illustrate.

Simon Whitehouse from Digital Birmingham and Peta Murphy-Burke from Arts Council West Midlands spoke at the event about the importance and success of ‘Say it Online’ as well as the other Say Hello projects. Many attendees, spanning three generations, discussed about the future for social networking and digital media, highlighting how it can help bring families together.

One of the participants, Jane Thakoordin at the event said, “I thought the evening was fantastic, it was brilliant to be able to show everyone all the work we had done. Blogging is great; I love the idea of an online network of supporters, fellow creative’s and like minded people to share thoughts and ideas with.”

Sam Thodhlana Managing Director of YEP Media said, “We were so pleased with how much the families enjoyed their experiences over the last four weeks, especially seeing how much they have achieved in terms of their digital learning. ‘Said it Online’ has been a fun, diverse evening with everyone engaging with the essence of what ‘Say it Online’ is all about.”

The project, that took place over the last five weeks, saw six lucky families from Birmingham attend a selection of the city’s arts and cultural activities; they then became critics by reviewing their experiences using a variety of online techniques.

‘Said it Online’ was put together to reward the participants for their hard work, as well as providing the chance for digital media professionals, Birmingham residents and the local press & media to attend and learn more about Birmingham’s digital innovation. What was so noticeable on the evening was just how much each participant had got out of the evening and how much they had all got out of the project.

The ‘Say it Online’ project had been commissioned by Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England West Midlands as part of Say Hello, and is designed to break new ground for participatory work around digital media.

Twitter: @sayitonline Facebook: Search for Say it Online

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