Great Barr Observer cut distribution services

Distribution Administrator, Deborah Grayson, has confirmed the Great Barr Observer have reduced their distribution and that there are to be more cuts across the country. Deborah gave us this statement:

“ Unfortunately these areas are not delivered to anymore due to distribution being stopped in some areas. This is down to costs and it was a management decision.  There is no plans to put any distribution back on for the time being as cuts are still being made all over the country”

It doesn’t appear that there are any plans for a local collection point (like the library) any time soon, but we’ve been told that management have taken the idea on board, so all we can do now is wait.

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5 Responses to Great Barr Observer cut distribution services

  1. ian says:

    very strange news, by doing this they immediately kill their advertising revenue.

    Do we know which post codes are affected ?

  2. laura says:

    Hi Ian,

    I was asked for road names which were affected by Deborah, so I sent off a few including Birdbrook Road (as I live there), Finchley Road and a couple of others – i tried to vary them around Great Barr and Kingstanding.

    i think more postcodes are affected than we realise – but if you want to know if/why your delivery has stopped then email the newswaves account and i’ll pass you on Deborah’s email


    • ianrobo says:

      please Laura, want to see if Pheasey is affected as well.

      the distribution costs may be an issue but the loss in ad revenue would be greater ??

  3. sheliah says:

    I live on the Aldredge Rd no paper delrver on this road,i would like to advertist my business in the great barr observer but if i not getting a paper myself it is difficult to know what going on

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