Election leaflets

electionleaflets.org is an archive of, well, election leaflets — the kind distributed by politicians to householders, in the days and weeks before local or national elections, and, in the case of 5 May this year, a referendum.

It allows people to see what politicians and their parties are saying, locally and in comparable areas elsewhere, and will be a valuable resource for future historians.

Leaflets are scanned or photographed (a decent mobile phone pic will do) and uploaded by members of the public.

Here are the leaflets uploaded for Birmingham Perry Barr constituency which covers both Kingstanding Ward and Oscott Ward. As you can see, at the time of writing, there aren’t that many.

Can you help, by uploading any election leaflets you have received (regardless of the party)? The process is simple, and the instructions are clear.

About Andy Mabbett

Man of many talents - some of them useful. Multiple monomaniac. Author of 'Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery' and more. Birder. Cyclist. Wikimedian. FRSA.
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