Elections Excitement in Great Barr (Oscott Ward)

The big day is finally upon us where not only are local elections taking place but we have the opportunity to change the way in which we vote in the referendum.

For those who are still unsure as to what the referendum means, if you vote No to AV, you’re electing for the way in which you vote to remain the same – you put a cross next to your chosen candidate; however if you vote Yes to AV, you’re choosing a new way to vote – ranking the candidates in order of your favourite from 1 downwards.

I cast my vote earlier on this morning and whilst there I took the time to ask local residents how they felt about the local election and the referendum.  Here’s some of the responses:

Dan: ‘I like the idea of the alternative vote as I think it’ll make MP’s feel like they have o work harder for our vote which they should’

Steph: ‘I’m still a little confused about AV and what difference it will actually make, so I think i’m going to pas on that vote’.

Andy: ‘I vote every year without fail because if you don’t vote then you can’t moan about anything as you haven’t tried to make a change

Stella: ‘I’m voting against AV. I think the voting system is fine as it is.  I don’t think we need to change it’.

If you’d like to follow the election results and news then @BCCNewsRoom will be live tweeting across the next couple of days with all the information you need: or follow the hashtag #brumvotes2001

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