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There have been times when the area of Kingstanding has not received very positive press. It rarely appears in the news and when it does it is usually for negative reasons.

With the swingeing cuts in funding in all areas, creativity – yet another avenue for freedom of expression – is being stifled, noticeably at a time when frustrations exacerbated by hardships are widely visible and therefore need to be addressed and raised in the public domain – certainly not ignored in the hope it will go away.

Creating and appreciating art of all varieties – probably the only universally accessible activity there is.

Community projects throughout Kingstanding have come together to begin to address these issues by uniting the Community for all the right reasons.

By showcasing work created by local artists, craft groups, those still in full time education and many other community based ventures, we seek not only to highlight their talents and skills, but to allow them a method for expression, to create in opposition to the apparent deconstruction of their society around them.

The creative work is there for all, not only to take pride and pleasure in the appreciation but to become actually and actively involved with too.

On July 16th Kingstanding’s “Kings Fest” leaps into action!

The event will take place in 5 locations – Perry Common Community Hall from 11 till 3, Perry Common Library from 10 till 4, New Heights Community Project on Conker Island from 10 till 2, North Birmingham Academy on the College Road from 11 till 2 and The Green Door Youth Project Wyrley Birch.

Special guests are due to appear on the day too, including Hunt Emerson, renowned cartoonist for the Beano and many other publications who will be at Perry Common Community Hall chatting and sketching throughout the event.

Perry Common Community Hall will be hosting an exhibition of visual arts all created by local artists and residents, plus a craft fayre. Centre piece to the event will be the “Woolly Bully”.

Kindly loaned by Birmingham Parks Department, this original metal-framework prototype of the Bull Ring Bull by Laurence Broderick has been covered in woollen squares knitted by over 60 members of the Community. It stands outside the Perry Common Community Hall not only to promote the Festival itself but as monument to a cohesive and beautiful community project.

The “Big Society” is all so well and good, but without Government attention to and appreciation of the efforts of the “Small Society” it is doomed to fail.

The “Small Society” is the new “Big Society”. I suggest they open their ears and eyes and take it on Board – no Bull!

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