Visit your local RSPB group

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is the United Kingdom’s largest conservation organisation and works:

…for the conservation of wild birds, other wildlife and the places in which they live, in a wide variety of ways.

RSPB Local Groups are groups set up and run by RSPB members, to support the work of the RSPB and to organise activities and entertainment for RSPB members, and guests.

For example, they have evening meetings with talks and slide shows or films about birds and other wildlife, and arrange field trips to RSPB and other reserves around the country. Some also organise local week-day walks.


While we don’t have an RSPB Local Group within B44, we’re lucky in having three within easy reach, and all a single bus-ride from Kingstanding Circle. They are in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Walsall.

Their next meetings are:

The Walsall group has a week-day walk in Sutton Park, on the morning of 29 September, starting at the part of the park nearest to B44, Banners Gate.

Novices who simply like to watch their garden birds, and experienced birders, are all welcome at any of these events, and being involved with a group is great way to improve your bird recognition skills.

[Andy Mabbett is an RSPB volunteer, and committee member of the RSPB Walsall Local Group.]


About Andy Mabbett

Man of many talents - some of them useful. Multiple monomaniac. Author of 'Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery' and more. Birder. Cyclist. Wikimedian. FRSA.
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