Old Oscott Hill/ Templeton Road footpath closure consultation

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Birmingham City Council have written to residents in B44 to consult about a proposal to add locked gates to the right-of-way footpath between Old Oscott Hill and Templeton Road.

The footpath in question runs from beside 144 Templeton Road, alongside Maryvale Institute and comes out between Maryvale Primary School and the Viridian (formerly Servite) sheltered accommodation building at 111 Old Oscott Hill. You can see it on the map they sent with their letter.

The council say:

Dear Sirs/Madam

Due to a number of complaints from members of the public about anti-social behaviour in and around the above public footpath, we are currently considering a request to gate the public right of way under Section 129 of the Highways Act 1980 which allows for the gating of highway as a measure to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
The effect, should the gating take place, would be to erect gates with or without a fence at points A and B on the attached plan which would be similar in construction to those currently existing at point C (6 foot tall palisade fence/gate).

There are 3 options with regards to the gating off the route:

  1. Permanently gate the route (24 hours a day 365 days per year).
  2. Gate the route for certain times of the day (i.e. dusk till dawn)
  3. Do not gate the route (leave the route as it is)

It is a requirement for us as the Local Authority, to consult with residents and statutory consultees prior to proceeding with a gating order. This consultation is being carried out to gather opinions from the public as to what is the best course of action for this path.

The consultation will run until Friday October 14th 2011 and so any responses will need to be sent in writing to the Council by this date at the address below indicating which of the three options you favour.
Please contact me if you need any further information or wish to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Yours faithfully

Amelia Murray
Safer Places Officer
Birmingham West & Central Birmingham Community Safety Partnership

Our Reference: DS/TD/HIS/MM/FP289

Public Rights of Ways
PO Box 14439
Birmingham B2 2JE

Telephone No. (0121) 303 6604 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (0121) 303 6604      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Facsimile (0121) 303 1368

You can see what’s meant by “6 foot tall palisade fence” in our picture — it’s the grey metal fencing.

The council have confirmed to us that responses by email will count as being “in writing”.

What do you think? Have you seen, or been affected by, “anti-social behaviour” on this footpath? Would you be inconvenienced by its closure?


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