New Sign for The Kingfisher

We notice that The Kingfisher, on Birdbrook Road, has a new pub sign:

The new sign (© Andy Mabbett)

It depicts an example of the eponymous bird, the (Alcedo atthis). The new image is more lifelike than its somewhat cartoonish predecessor (below), with a plain background. Both examples are female, recognisable by the orange colour on the lower mandible (the bottom part of the bill, or beak). A good way to remember this is “female Kingfishers wear lipstick”!

The old sign, in 2006 (© Andy Mabbett)

We wonder, given the road name, whether its makers saw Kingfishers, during its construction, and if so, when the last one was in the area?

The best place to see Kingfishers, locally, these days is at  — but even then you need good luck and a keen eye.

If you’re interested in birds, why not visit one of our local RSPB groups, or the ?

What interesting do you know of, in B44?

[Andy Mabbett is a West Midland Bird Club trustee, an RSPB volunteer, and committee member of the RSPB Walsall Local Group.]

About Andy Mabbett

Man of many talents - some of them useful. Multiple monomaniac. Author of 'Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery' and more. Birder. Cyclist. Wikimedian. FRSA.
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