Local Election Results and Message From New Councillor

Last weeks local election results from Kingstanding Ward and Oscott Ward can be found here.

In Kingstanding Cllr Catherine Grundy was re-elected, meanwhile Tristan Chatfield was elected to serve for Oscott Ward, meaning that both Kingstanding and Oscott Wards have three sitting Labour Councillors serving.

He has sent in the following below to local residents.

Firstly I would like to thank the people of Oscott for putting their faith in me to be one of their elected representatives in Birmingham’s Council Chamber. I am delighted to join Councillors Keith Linnecor and Barbara Dring in Oscott and I hope that in time I will be able to contribute as much as they have to this ward and its people.

It means the world to me to be elected as a Labour Councillor for Oscott Ward. I have worked in the area for many years and witnessed firsthand both the improvements of the last decade but also the hardships.
My plans for Oscott are not grandiose but I do hope to connect the ward to the opportunities presented by the vibrant and expanding commercial heart of the city. The people of Oscott live only a few minutes by car or bus from one of UKs largest economic, social and transportation centres. Sometimes, however, it feels a world away. I will campaign to improve transport links not least in support of the HS2 project which I believe will bring great benefits to the people of this city. 
Oscott is a ward with many great institutions not least its excellent schools, the many areas of green space and of course its citizens who rarely shy away from standing up for the area. Some of the issues that have cropped up in the campaign which I hope to be able to make some progress on are, dangerous dogs, empty properties, poor street lighting and poor paving.
As a young parent and school governor I am acutely aware of the difficulties facing young families and I intend to focus a great deal of time and effort in engaging directly with them.

There will be many battles ahead with central government over ensuring Birmingham gets its fair share. It is vital that we work together as a city to fight these battles the new Labour Administration in the Council House has its part to play but so do our MPs and our civic leaders.
Councillor Tristan Chatfield (Oscott Ward)

You can follow Tristan on Twitter @TristanJFC

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