Dangerous Road Markings at Thornbridge Avenue – Aldridge Road Junction

The crossroads at the junction of Thornbridge Avenue, Aldridge Road and Greenholm Road is a notorious accident blackspot (“one of the most dangerous in the area“). Birmingham City Council’s own signage warns of “13 casualties over 3 years” (see image below).

yellow traffic sign reading '13 casualties over 3 years'

One reason for this may be the confusing lane markings as the junction is approached from Thornbridge Avenue.

There are two lanes for traffic approaching up Thornbridge Avenue, one clearly marked for turning left, the other for turning right. There are no markings for traffic proceeding straight ahead, into Greenholm Road, which thus uses either lane, and sometimes both at once, despite Greenholm Road being only single-lane.

Two lanes approach a crossroads, one marked for left turn, the other right. A third option to the road straight ahead, is not signed.

We’ve reported this to Birmingham City Council, using the excellent FixMyStreet website. (You can use that too, to report any street issues, such as potholes and faulty street lights.)

We hope that the council will improve the markings at the junction soon — even if that’s just a short-term measure, until they make the more significant changes that are surely needed.

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1 Response to Dangerous Road Markings at Thornbridge Avenue – Aldridge Road Junction

  1. Allen Pritchard says:

    Still nothing has been done (August 2015)….. BCC could not care less and apply a strict “If it is not on our list it won’t get done”… I have to wonder who designed and or approved those markings. There obviously was no survey done to observe usage.

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