Speed Sign Monitor Added on Kingstanding Road


Many motorists travelling on the Kingstanding Road will have noticed the erection of speed monitor sign on the Kingstanding Road (heading Southwards) opposite the Crossway Lane Bus Stop, near where several road incidents have taken place on the turn in to Crossway lane.

Local Police and volunteers have also recently been out near the sign area recording motorists speeds.

Lets hope this sign will encourage drivers to slow down on what is a 30mph road and reduce road vehicle incidents.

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2 Responses to Speed Sign Monitor Added on Kingstanding Road

  1. Rod says:

    the highways / council have made these roads a 30mph zone in 2011 , the same as college road and parts of chester road.
    so the 40mph signs have been taken away, replaced with nothing! no 30 mph signs, just very small sign saying this is now a 30mph zone, and you only notice these if your really looking for them.I have aproached the council and highways, they are refusing to put up new 30mph signs up.
    the speed reduction was done to help save lives, but if you dont put the signs up people wont realise theres been a change. so theres no 40mph signs anymore, so it now becomes a 30mph zone by default, but you might be half way down the road doing what you think is the legal limit and you are infact breaking the law. how long before the speed camera van arives and we start getting 3 point tickets in the post. And its all because the highways department wont spend a few quid on some 30mph signs that might save your kids live’s
    or are the going to make a few quid out of the motorist again?

  2. paul says:

    the speed camera van has already arrived on 04/03/2014 and i have received a ticket Not Happy

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